Face to Face

This system can present all signs from typeface and also different pictures (pictograms, atc.) It can be used on the walls for humidity insulation, or for information systems. People crossing in one way would read one information and people walking in another direction would see different. My project is architectonic study which roots are in the real modular font.

My work consist from two parts, first are interactive wall (A) and second is rotation object (B).

Keystone of the system is author modular typeface and the relief panel, which was made for it. This panel consist from segments, which copy the grid of the typeface by it’s shape and location. I turned the grid over its vertical ax and transform it from 2D to 3D. By this process I created a panel which can present two different informations on one field. Both of this informations can’t be read in one time. Each of them is readable from different angle. So you can read the other information only when you walk beside the wall.
This system is interactive, you can present new informations by the simple moving of modular elements. In project is used magnetic foil in black and white colour.

Three sided rotation object works on the same principles as a wall. It shows name of the project. If you are standing on any place around rotating object, you can see the changing of letters. For rotation is used man-power, it means you can use your own hand. You can decide how fast the rotation will be.

Important part of this project is also the Typeface. It is special modular typeface created only for this purpose. It contains uppercase, lowercase, numerals, mathematical, currency and punctuation.